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Hi all. How are you all members? I’m 24 years old and married. I want to share my bad experience with you. This can lead me that life is not easy to survive and all doctors or clinic’s are not good. When, I’m suffering from infertility and I want a treatment of surrogacy. Then, I visit the A*****s clinic, that is near to my home town. I hear that this clinic is good for the treatment of surrogacy. When, I visit the clinic. There staff are very dirty. When, I’m asking about the doctor they can never hear me. Then, I get an appointment for the check up. Doctor don’t know that how to talk with the patient. Doctors are so uneducated. They didn’t know that surrogacy is good for the patients health. When, I see this type of management. I’ll go out from this clinic and never visit this clinic again.