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Hello everyone. How are you all? I want to share my story here. I am infertile. the reason was depression pills. I used to take them alot. Actually i was on depression pills because i used to face worst behaviour from my parents. I did not knew those pills are going to lead me to know those pills are going to lead me to this..I was so devastated. I was trying to have a baby for 5 years but nothing was working. Then my sister suggested me that i should go for surrogacy. I founded this clinic A****S. It was the the worst experience of my life i must say. They are literally money makers. They just delay you on purpose. There is never any doctor available. Moreover, the staff is highly unprofessional. The management is also very rude. I have also heard many bad reviews about this clinic. I have heard they have poor communication services aswell. Just to let you guys know. Please avoid going to this clinic. It is a total waste of time!