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Sarah hazal

Hey Angelina, Really sorry to hear about your infertility. I have been seeing a lot of women suffering from infertility. But I guess the situation gets worse when the clinics don’t really cooperate. Or the ones which mistreat you. That’s where the problem lies basically. There are amazing clinics out there doing their jobs with amazingly which needs to be praised honestly. I have come across a lot of bad reviews and posts regarding different clinics and this one is all above in the list. That’s just disappointing to know that still, they haven’t managed to be a bit professional or act like one. I believe that these clinics really discourage people and their hopes fade away by this attitude. I suggest you go to some other clinic. Im glad that people like you share your experiences here and people get the guidance and information. I hope this post will help people so that they can be cautious and aware of such scams and bunch of unprofessional.