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Nelly Kom

I’m sorry to read about your cousin’s experience. This is so unbelievable. We count on the clinic that it will take care of us and sort out our difficulties. But nowadays, it seems like nobody cares for you genuinely, everything is just about the money. Reading bad experiences of people on different forums is just making me sad and highly demotivated. I’m afraid of contacting a clinic now. I don’t know what it will turn out to be. I’ve faced failures all my life, I can’t bear any more failures. Anyway, I’m thankful to you for sharing this information with us. It is essential for everyone to know this and beware of this clinic. Infertility is getting common which is why such clinics are arising just to use the infertile people for money. My friend also mentioned this clinic, I think I should call her up and tell her about your cousin’s experience. I can’t let this happen to her. I wish that your cousin never has to face this situation again. Lots of love and prayers for her!