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Anika louis

Hey. Thanks for sharing such an informative post. It would be really helpful for many Infertile people out there. Surrogacy is indeed a blessing for Infertile people like us. I also faced Infertility due to Uterine polyps disease. I was broken and devastated. My husband wanted babies badly too. He supported me too and stand by me in every hard situation. I never lost hope because I knew that there might be something for me. I heart about the process of surrogacy randomly from any website. I made my mind and told my husband about surrogacy that I want to go for it at any cost. So he agreed. We went for it. We went to the clinic in Europe and they provided us with the matched and healthy surrogate. She was very cooperative and didn’t face any complication during the process. So after a long time, I was blessed with a baby. We are so lucky that we have such ways to have babies like surrogacy.