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Sarah hazal

Hi There how’s it going? First of all, I am glad to see your concerns towards your friends. I hope that your good intentions remain the same. Now coming to the topic, You are not being biased at all. Like we all do prefer the things we have experienced if that was good. And when it’s about choosing between IVF and Surrogacy. I believe both are good but with different circumstances. I was diagnosed with infertility and the first thing came to my mind is to go for the IVF. But sadly it didn’t work in my case. So I opted for surrogacy after the suggestions and my own research. And yes you are right because it’s less stressful and safer. However, The most important thing in all these cases is to go to a good clinic. As it’s the most initial step and has importance too. There are some amazing clinics out there I know, But sadly there are those ones as well which has troubled a lot of people around me. And I usually I like to talk and help people on forums and that makes me really sad that the same clinics have just the same reputation. A****S is one of those clinics sadly. I always make sure that people I know especially refrain from going to such scammers.