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Shelby Ashton

Hey, hope you are doing well. I agree with you. Surrogacy is the best option. And i also planned for it. But it seems like i would never be able to be a mother ever. Things are not working for me at all. I am an infertile also. And i have suffered this curse for 12 years. Few months back i decided to go for surrogacy procedure. Fertility treatments were suggested by our doctor. anyway, i contacted a clinic in ukraine L***s for my surrogacy. I wanted to know what expenses they charge for surrogacy and what are their policies. I emailed them and told them everything about me. And asked for details as well. I used to email them on daily basis. But they didn’t responded to emails. Then i tried to call them. I used to call them twice on daily basis for two weeks. But our calls were not answered as well. I am so disappointed and depressed right now. Why do they did that with us I have lost my hopes. I wish i never contacted this clinic.