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THANK GOD, I found this post to be very positive. I am glad to hear that now infertility can be coped out. Modern technologies and treatments are becoming the most important factors in this perspective. Surrogacy plays an important role in this regard. Let me tell you about my journey. Hold on, It is not about me but about many infertile ladies. As I had opened an agency through which I contact a clinic. This clinic helped me to sort out the problem of those women who are infertile. Recently, a couple comes back from that clinic with a baby. I feel so happy for them. It is all due to the services and attention of that clinic. Moreover, it also due to the success of surrogacy. Surrogacy really helps out. So your story relates to my shared story. Of course, IPs should visit an appropriate clinic and should remove their devastated condition. Then it does not matter that how much a clinic is remotest.