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Chloe Mag

Hi Kelly, How are you doing. Indeed infertility is a big curse and fighting infertility is a tough job for mind as well as body. But thanks to some modern techniques and methods, there is a hope for everyone. Since you asked about adoption vs surrogacy, I will tell you the salient features of both and leave the decision for you to make. It is a game of circumstances. Otherwise, none is better than the other. Adoption is the test of your motherly emotions and selflessness. If you have a heart big enough to hug another baby as your own then go for it. Though the process might prove long, it takes minimum money to adopt a baby. On the other hand, surrogacy is a very expensive procedure but you have a child who is genetically linked to one or both of you. That makes it easier to develop a bond with the baby. Surrogacy journey will also take about a year and a half to complete. Then this option should be considered in the light of society’s view. The ethical and moral issues might make it difficult but if you are ready to brush them off then it will be a great option. The end decision is always yours!