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Iris Watson

Hey, i guess you wrote this line for me, “One bad decision and your life is over”. Because i can totally relate to it. I am an infertile also. And my of journey of infertility was so painful and hard as well. I have been through so much because of infertility. And one thing that had made it difficult for me to even accept the fact that i am infertile was my unexpected infertility. And there was no as such cause of my infertility.This is the only reason i did TTC for 12 years. At the end even my doctor also gave up on me. And she suggested us fertility treatments. I thought to give fertility treatments a chance and chose surrogacy. I contacted a clinic L***s. the clinic was not in my country so i wanted to get a few details of the clinic before flying to abroad for my treatment. I was totally convinced for moving to abroad. I emailed the clinic, shared my details and asked for their procedures and policies. And started waiting for them to reply. A week passed, but there was no response. then i started emailing them on daily basis for two months. I even called them many times, but neither my call were answered, nor my emails got any response. This insensitive behavior has shattered my hopes. I don’t know why they did that to me. I have lost my courage as well.