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You are right. Due to surrogacy increasing rate, most intended couples are opting this treatment.there in nothing bad in saying that it comes best among other treats. But some countries are still against this treatment. I know it also has some pros and cons but Still, it is the best solution for infertility. Life is full of miracles. So medical researcher introduced us with this miracle in the shape of surrogacy. I know many couples face problem while choosing perfect surrogate for them but it proves safe treatment for infertility. We should take a strong step to make it easy for every infertile. For this only thing which does matter choosing the best clinic. Without professional clinic and surrogate, it could not possible to treat infertility. There is still one issue which every infertile are facing now is lack of knowledge about infertility treatment. This post is very helpful for every infertile like me.thank you for letting us know about the sensitive issue. I hope every infertile will get themselves benefit from surrogacy.