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Thanks, Christiane for highlighting an important issue like infertility. We should be thankful for these forum discussions who are making people literate enough to choose different options to become a parent. I would like to add up my own experience here. Soon after my marriage, I was diagnosed with fibroids in my uterus. I spent five years to get rid of them. After that, I attempted to conceive. Every time it was a failure. Despite treatments and moral support from my family, there was no success. I was the depressed and broken heart and really felt to end up my life. My doctor said that my body was responding to the treatment negatively. And she suggested not to try to conceive anymore. As it could lead me towards more severe health conditions. All hopes died at that moment. You can better judge my feelings sweetie. Here, my doctor played her role again by suggesting me surrogacy treatment from a clinic in Europe. That was a ray of hope for me. I consulted them and settled all procedure. I was blessed with a baby girl. And now I have a happy and complete life. Honestly, it’s wonderful Christine! if you end up your sorrows and worries into happiness. You can easily forget your sufferings you bore in the past as you and I suffered. I am feeling the same happiness for you that at the end you have a baby. There is no match of blessings rather having a cute baby in your lap. Here we should salute your husband for his endless support. We should also be thankful for the science and technology who helped infertile couples to fill the gap in their lives. God bless you.