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Hi, Alsa. I can understand your pain. I am really sorry for your loss. I am diagnosed with endometrial cancer, recently. Doctors have said that don’t try to conceive. my husband and I want to find out the best possible option for us. We are searching on different forums. Will decide to give a try to a clinic. And then we will have our baby with their help through surrogacy. I have heard a lot about them. You should also go for this option it is the best procedure for those who are infertile. They are also coming to London for the very same purpose. They will be answering all questions related to surrogacy and IVF. We are also planning to definitely go there. It will be very helpful. I will suggest you should also go there. So you can clear all the queries in your mind. Best Of Luck for your coming future. hope this helps you. stay blessed.