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Diaper rash is a common form of inflamed skin experienced by most children during their diaper wearing years. There are several factors that can cause diaper rash, but the primary cause of diaper rash is prolonged exposure to moisture on the skin. Excessive moisture on the skin makes it more easily affected by friction, which can be caused by the diaper against the skin as well as routine wiping and cleaning of the skin. This is why diaper rash usually affects the tender skin of a baby’s body that is in closest contact to the diaper. The result of this friction is a weakening of the protective barrier of the skin – making it more penetrable by irritants like urine and feces. Diaper rash may also develop when your baby is taking antibiotics or after a change in diet of either the mother or baby. The introduction of solid foods to your baby’s diet may cause a change in the content of their stool or the frequency, both of which can cause diaper rash and eating certain types of foods while breast feeding can cause a reaction on your little one’s bum. Keep your infant’s skin clean and dry. Check diapers every 2 hours or so and change wet or soiled diapers promptly. Avoid irritating the skin while cleaning the diaper area by patting – not rubbing – the skin with warm water and a washcloth or a mild baby wipe. Avoid using soap to clean the affected area unless necessary, and then be sure to choose a mild soap for sensitive baby skin. Once you’ve cleaned the area, pat it dry before applying a diaper rash cream. Whenever possible let your baby go diaper free to help the area air dry and to prevent chaffing from the diaper.