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One advantage of gestational surrogacy is the possibility that one or both intended parents can be biologically connected to their child. The intended parents’ eggs and/or sperm can be used to create the embryo, which is then medically transferred to the surrogate’s uterus. This biological relationship makes surrogacy a popular option for families who feel strongly about having a genetic child. In addition, being biologically related to the child can help simplify the legal process and give intended parents more control during the pregnancy. On the other hand, adoption typically involves an unplanned pregnancy, and the birth mother is the biological parent of the child. This means that intended parents will not have a genetic relationship to their baby. It may also mean that the birth mother could have more complicated emotions to process. In some instances, this can cause the legal and social aspects of the adoption process to become more complicated than surrogacy. Whether you choose adoption or surrogacy, you will be responsible for a number of expenses during the family-building process, including agency fees as well as legal and medical costs. However, surrogacy involves the additional expense of fertility treatments and surrogate compensation, which can make surrogacy costs more expensive than adoption.