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don’t get down on yourself if you feel awkward and unsure when you first come home. Babies can sense when someone around them is tense or nervous so try to relax and go with the flow as you to get to know this new little person. Study her neck, her eye brows, and her chubby little knees. Take in that new baby smell. Lean on your spouse, your family, your friends, if they can help you out, and remember that your anxiety is completely normal. Before you know it, you’ll be handling your role as a new mom with certainty and confidence. A new baby causes quite a stir and friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers are all going to be vying for a time to come over and meet your little miracle. While this is perfectly wonderful and to be expected, it’s wise to set up some ground rules in advance, especially if you’re exhausted after having a C-section or a long and difficult labor and delivery. Don’t be shy about limiting the number of guests at first. You’ll be glad later on if you take some time now to rest and become comfortable with your new baby. Ask anyone who’s ill to wait until they’re feeling well and no longer contagious before they visit. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask visitors to wash their hands before holding your baby because a newborn baby’s immune system is not fully developed. You’ll want to introduce the baby to your pets as well. Your partner can bring a baby blanket home from the hospital to get your pet used to the baby’s scent. Never leave the baby unattended with your pets until they are used to your new routine with the baby.