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Probably the biggest difference between surrogacy and adoption is that one involves a planned pregnancy while the other involves an unplanned pregnancy. This affects every aspect of the process, including the legal work that is required, the support that social workers provide, the types of interactions that you share with the surrogate or birth mother, and the types of expenses that are required to bring your baby home. The domestic adoption process can be a little bit stressful on adoptive parents because they simply don’t have full control over the situation. They may wonder: “What if the birth mother changes her mind?” “What if the birth father contests the adoption?” “Is the birth mother receiving regular prenatal treatment?” “Is she taking care of herself and our baby?” Remember, these are common thoughts by adoptive parents, and most adoption agencies have safeguards to protect them from any of these scenarios. However, these feelings can still persist. Regardless, in surrogacy, intended parents do have much more control over the situation. Often times, the only concern is whether the embryo transfer and pregnancy will be successful. Most everything else in the surrogacy process has already been planned and is legally binding, so very few surprises should occur. If you are debating between surrogacy and adoption, our surrogacy specialists are available to help you with this decision. They are equally knowledgeable about adoption as they are about surrogacy.