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Hi! Welcome to the forum! I am also a newbie here. You have been TTC for 5 years. I know how it must feel cause I have been trying for 4 years. So, you can’t conceive because of your endometriosis? So sorry to hear that. I guess you should take it easy. I mean, you can go with laparoscopy to remove your endometriosis. I have heard of so many people doing laparoscopy and being successful. I guess after 5 years you do deserve a kid. CEO?Now, I see what the problem is. Being a CEO is not easy, let alone being a female one. I consider stress is what is causing the main problem. I am glad you have been able to identify that stress was a major problem. I think you should try to avoid stress, or do like stress management. Or do you think you can take a year off or something? I have no idea, but you sure need some rest. I wish you the best of luck.