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Ukraine is very popular for its clinics regarding infertility treatments. It has many good clinics which are very popular in their services. Also, there are some bad clinics which have a bad reputation regarding their services. I have an experience with a very good clinic. I was TTC for a long time. Then I was declared infertile by doctors. They also didn’t know the reason behind my infertility. I tried IVF and IUI after being declared infertile. Then I tried again for IVF and I failed at different cycles again. I gave up on IVF. Then a friend of mine asked me to go for surrogacy. I started looking for surrogacy. But as it was banned in our country we moved abroad for it. Firstly we decided to hire a surrogate for our baby but here in Bulgaria surrogacy is banned. I moved abroad along with my husband. There we contacted a clinic. The clinic gave us free accommodation. The food and the transport were free. The clinic team was co-operative with every patient there. They were treating them as a family. They also treated us in a humble way. We cleared our some confusions and then they asked us to bring some letters for documentation form embassy from our country. Now we have applied for those documents and after that, we will start our journey of surrogacy.