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Hi, Rachel. I hope you are feeling good. So sorry to hear that you had been long TTC for months. I know months sounds way easier than 4 years (in my case). However, I get how depressed you must feel over this. 27 is a good age to conceive, and your DH’s age is also very conducive at 33.2. So, I am confident there is no issue with the age. Also, good to hear that your laparoscopy was successful. You have done the right thing by going for laparoscopy to remove your endometriosis. So, your husband also got checked out. Simple spermogram is also very effective and useful. Glad to see that he has zero issues as well. I think you should keep trying no matter what. DO like a ovulation chart, that will help you a whole lot. I mean, ensure that you engage in intercourse during your window. Also, try to exercise that way can ensure your ovaries get enough blood flow. Exams, although seemed unnecessary, are crucial. So, just keep trying, as others also recommended. I wish you good luck!