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    Rachel Blue

    We have been trying for a baby for a few months, but the miracle has not yet happened … The two doctors we went to told us there is no problem and it is a matter of time to happen. Statistically, 85% of couples achieve capture within the first year of efforts. From the beginning, we started with the necessary examinations to exclude and correct any infertility problems in time. There is, of course, a rate of “unexplained infertility”, which I do not accept. Science has evolved so much that I find it impossible to be a problem and can not be traced … So I start with my own story and I expect your own experiences …1. I am 27 years old and my husband 33.2. In the past, I had endometriosis (large bladders in both ovaries), laparoscopy and since then it has not bothered me again.3. I have a cycle of 25-30 days, not very stable, but I always understand ovulation from small boobs in the corresponding ovary.3. When monitoring ovulation, ultrasounds show that my eggs are maturing normally and that the endometrium is of adequate thickness. I also tested progesterone to make sure ovulation actually took place.6. I also did a salpingography, in which we found small adhesions in the right fallopian tube, which according to the doctor do not bother with anything.7. My husband made a simple spermogram, microbiological, not sperm-specific. The doctors who saw it said it was too good!We have a relative anxiety …Sorry for the huge post, I just wanted to give all the information. Tell me please do we need to look for something extra because, at the rhythm that doctors remind us to send us for examinations, I do not see it ending in five years.


    I am sorry that you are in this situation. I myself had some complications during the first year. If it is not working for you there is nothing wrong with taking a second opinion. It is good to consult another doctor. This can really help you. Maybe you can contact the same doctor, the one I chose for myself. I hope this ends well for you!


    Hey Rachel! Your doctor is totally right about your condition I also suggest you to try for some more time. At least try a year more. Because getting pregnant takes a bit time. It is not with everyone who get pregnant on their first try. So have some patience and keep trying. Always hope for the best. Meanwhile, take care of your health because it is a very important factor if you want to get pregnant soon. Take care.


    Hi, Rachel. I hope you are feeling good. So sorry to hear that you had been long TTC for months. I know months sounds way easier than 4 years (in my case). However, I get how depressed you must feel over this. 27 is a good age to conceive, and your DH’s age is also very conducive at 33.2. So, I am confident there is no issue with the age. Also, good to hear that your laparoscopy was successful. You have done the right thing by going for laparoscopy to remove your endometriosis. So, your husband also got checked out. Simple spermogram is also very effective and useful. Glad to see that he has zero issues as well. I think you should keep trying no matter what. DO like a ovulation chart, that will help you a whole lot. I mean, ensure that you engage in intercourse during your window. Also, try to exercise that way can ensure your ovaries get enough blood flow. Exams, although seemed unnecessary, are crucial. So, just keep trying, as others also recommended. I wish you good luck!


    Seems to me that you have already checked for everything. if the doctors said that everything is well then what’s not adding up? And about the unexplained fertility. I do understand dear that technology has evolved a lot. But unfortunately there are things that cannot still be explained. I do have a friend who was going through the same. She had a fertility problems. But the doctors could not tell what the problem is. She moved from one clinic to another looing for help. But she found none. Then she decided to go for an option that would cover her. That is the frozen embryo transfer. So she never used anything of hers, And of course she was able to be pregnant. So for you, I think you should wait a bit. A year is still not over. If a year passes and a child is not forthcoming, then you can try other means.


    You have just tried for some months now. Maybe you could be more patient. On average you should wait for a year. Or are you suspicious that you may be going through something. Unless otherwise you could be relax. I have a cousin who is so fertile. When she was married. It took her a year to get pregnant. Not because she was under some medication. She was neither on pills. It was just natural of her. Then there after she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. With no assistance whatsoever. So you should stop worrying dear. There is still more time. If the doctors are telling you that there is nothing to worry. Then probably there is nothing to worry. Focus more on getting yourself happy. Or you can go to another doctor. See what you will be told. Sometimes it is better to get advise from different doctors. One might be more experienced than the other. But if you trust your doctor it is also fine.


    I think you are over exaggerating staffs here. Its just been months you have already taken all those teste. Actually to some doctors they would have told you to seek medication after a year. But since you wanted to know what really the problem is. It is not that bad. You have gotten to go through various tests which have told you what the problem is. Since your husband has no issue. Then we shall lay the burden in your side. Concerning unexplained fertility. Yes, it happens. Even with the enhanced and technologized services. There are problems that cannot be easily figured out. Or the doctor cannot really trace where the problem lies. Perhaps till when you stay longer in medication then the doctors can find out where the problem lies. For the time being I feel like you have exhausted all tests. You should just be patient and do what the doctor is telling you.

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