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Hello, Meredith. Welcome to the forum. I am also a newbie here on the forum, and have been loving it so far. SO, you are 33, which is a good age to get pregnant. I see you had been on the pills till April. As you might, or not know, pills mess up your cycles. The same happened to me last year. I had been on contraceptives for months, and then I ended up with irregular ovulation. Yes, you sure can try for a year. That is what I think you should do. Correcting your cycles will surely take time. The process will also call for patience. What meds have you been prescribed. I think mostly you are put on some meds.

I know how you might feel right now! Just try to take it easy. It is very easy to feel down during TTC. I had been trying for 4 years with no result. So, I feel like I need to go with IVF. However, in your case, you should keep trying. I wish you the best of luck.