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Hi, dear. I hope you are doing great. So sorry to hear that you had been TTC in vain. I guess you are doing so good by sharing it with us. So, you have identified what is causing the problem- polycystic ovaries. Thrombophilia is a grave problem, as you have experienced first hand. So, I am sure your story helps bring awareness around thrombophilia. Great to hear that your DH is so supportive all along. I understand how others can be so negative in these crucial times. So, it makes sense to have someone so supportive next to you. I have never dealt with polycycstic ovaries, however, I will be sharing your post with others. I have had a friend, Sonia, dealing with it. I am happy to hear that I am going to be able to suggest her something. GOod to know that there are solutions that one can take it. I appreciate your post so much. I wish you the best of luck. Don’t forget to keep us updated.