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42 years ttc. I feel that is a bit unrealistic. This is the reason the doctor told you to go for egg or embryo donation. You are healthy regarding to what you have just shared. The problem is that you cannot keep the pregnancy. But your eggs are fertile enough. So what have you been doing all along that you are trying now to have a baby? It is always said that it is good to have a baby before 35 years. At your age. You should be looking for the 5th child or something like that. But anyway, taht is none of my business. So what I can advise you just go for surrogacy. It could have been better if you used donor eggs too. There are many risks that comes with using your eggs at such an age. Your grandma might have managed to be pregnant at 52 but taht does not mean it will be applicable to you too. Furthermo0re. I bet that child has some issues too.