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Maybe I can share mu views about the bible and surrogacy. Christians are not unanimous in their opinion about surrogacy. The Catholic Catechism states that a child is a gift not a right, and that surrogacy is “gravely immoral” because a third party comes between the “one flesh” principle that unites husband and wife. The question of surrogacy is less cut and dry in Protestant denominations. In general, the churches falling under this umbrella have a more liberal attitude to infertility treatments and surrogacy, but point out the potential problems arising from it such as future psychological problems for the child and questions regarding who the child belongs to. Using a surrogate mother to bear children for a childless couple is as old as the story of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis chapter 16. Sarah could not bear children, so she gave her servant, Hagar, to Abraham so she could have his children. This is the traditional surrogacy.