Halloween is a timeless tradition filled with costumes, pumpkins, and sweet treats. Everyone should be able to join in on the festivities, yet it can be a little tricky when dealing with food allergies. We have lined up some great companies and online retailers making allergen-free candies for everyone to enjoy.

Safe for: Celiac Disease, a wheat allergyegg allergydairy allergysoy allergytree nut allergy, peanut allergy, corn allergy, fish allergy, shellfish allergy.

Annie’s Homegrown (Fruit Snacks)

Bare Snacks (Fruit and Coconut Chips)

Brother’s All Natural (Free-Dried Fruit and Fruit Clusters)

Candy Tree (Jelly/Gummy Candy, Lollipops)

Crispy Green (Freeze-Dried Fruit)

Crunchies Food (Freeze-Dried Fruit)

Enjoy Life Foods (Chocolate Bars, Trail Mixes)

Funky Monkey Snacks (Freeze-Dried Fruit Snacks)

Gerbs Allergy Friendly Foods (Chocolates, Trail Mixes)

Gimbals Fine Candies (Jelly/Gummy and Hard Candies, Licorice)

Glee Gum (Gum, Gum Pops)

Go Organic (Chews and Hard Candies)

Go Raw (Chocolates, Various sweet snacks)

Indie Candy (Various candies and chocolates of all kinds)

Premium Chocolatiers (Various chocolate candies)

Natural Candy Store (Various candies and chocolates of all kinds/brands)

Smarties (All the Smarties!)

Surf Sweets (Jelly/Gummy Candies)

Tasty Brand (Gummies, Fruit Snacks)

Yummy Earth (Jelly/Gummy Candies, Lollipops, Fruit Snacks)