Surrogacy: Our Family’s Journey chronicles the ups and downs of surrogacy as experienced by James Phillip: from making the decision to use a surrogate, each step along the way, presenting both sides of the process and on to the creation of a family and the support needed through the first months after bringing his twin babies home.


Set against the backdrops of London and Bangkok, Surrogacy: Our Family’s Journey is my first book and centers on our family’s intense, at times frustrating, and eternally-cherished adventure that led to the birth of our twins and the wonderful expansion of our family. It will serve as a portal through time for our twins when they are older, and hopefully, our journey will also help others considering the surrogacy path. My interest in restoring and modernizing apartments led me to set up and run my own business, a successful property company in London. As wonderfully fulfilled and busy this endeavor kept me, I found that I felt like something was still missing. I was not aware of it at the time, but this book was writing itself as I lived my life. I am honoured that you have come here to read about my experiences with surrogacy, a significant part of my life that changed me, and those around me, forever. I do hope you will find what you are looking for to assist you in your journey.

I am first and foremost the proud father of twins and a dedicated family man. I travel around the world combining two passions, my work and my enjoyment of exploring our planet. I’ve spent my entire life experiencing the sights and sounds in and around London, which may be why I delight in traveling as much as possible. Above all, I love and adore spending time with my family and friends.

The choice to bring a child into the world is not always an easy decision, but when the need for a surrogate is part of the process, having a child can become extremely complicated. When I finally finally decide that I would like a child of my own, I know that finding a surrogate is the only way I can move forward. I embark on a journey of constant air travel and trips to clinics, and eventually choose an egg donor and surrogate who are right for my future family. Making matters immediately more complicated my himself, I defer from Thailand’s usual process and asks that both the egg donor and surrogate continue to play a part in my family’s life – I was not looking for an anonymous donor and a stranger to bear my child.
I am caught up in the constant upheaval of continually changing circumstances and fears for my dream – of finally having a family of my own – will be brought to an abrupt end. After several false starts (and the heartbreak that accompanies them), I am over the moon to hear that Grace, my surrogate, is pregnant…with twins!

Through all the happiness, sadness, and stress, I still manage to meet and fall in love with Krzystof, a wonderful partner. Throughout the pregnancy, I must keep in constant contact with everyone involved in the surrogate’s health care and maneuver through obstacles in the legal and diplomatic sectors, as well as the hospital, where rules restrict same-sex parents from participating in some aspects of the birthing process. Once the twins are born, even the inclusion of a wonderful and extremely helpful support team can’t stop a number of snags from cropping up, and bringing the babies home to the UK comes right down to the wire! Told with the addition of photographs and excerpts, including correspondence and birth plans, Surrogacy: Our Family’s Journey is a heart-warming insight in to the lengths I have gone to make my dreams a reality. More individuals and couples are choosing surrogacy every day and, in reading this book, I hope that others considering a similar journey will find help by way of a kindred spirit.

It’s a dream come true to have a book published. And it’s happening for me today! I want to take a moment and express my gratitude to everyone who has encouraged me to write this book and everyone who has inspired us to become the family we are.

If you haven’t already I invite you to get your copy and please get in touch with me directly to let me know your thoughts and ask me any questions. Most of all if your wish is to begin a family of your own I hope this book gives you this inspiration to go forward and allow your dreams to become a magical reality.