If you’re looking for a tool to help better explain to your kids what LGBT means, you might want to check out the Queer Kid Stuff web series, which is tackling the acronym in a pretty fun way.

With the help of some old-fashioned building blocks and a trusty old talking teddy bear, series creator Lindsey Amer breaks down each letter of the LGBT acronym in a four-part video series. In the first outing—called “Learning Our LGBTs“—she explains what an acronym is, and what the initials LGBT stand for.

“LGBT is an umbrella term that represents a community of people,” Amer explains, opening up a big black umbrella to drive home her point. “Everyone who’s included in the letters of this acronym is a part of the same community.”

Pretty perfect. In the next installment, she focuses on the letter, L, which stands for “lesbian.”

“The word lesbian is similar to the word gay,” she explains. “A lesbian is a girl who loves other girls.” She then goes on to explain that while someone who is gay can be a girl who loves girls, a boy who loves boys isn’t a lesbian.

“We’re differentiating between ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ and working on expanding our vocabulary,” Amer explained to the Huffington Post, adding that she also wanted to touch on what different people with the same sexuality might look like, and how not every lesbian might be butch or femme or androgynous.

“There’s no one way to look like a lesbian,” she explains to Teddy in the episode, using a colorful paper doll. “Some lesbians may look like me with short hair and fancy shirts. But some lesbians might have long hair and wear dresses. And some may wear either or both… We are all just people and people should be treated equally.”


You can check out more episodes of Queer Kid Stuff here.

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