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    Hello guys. I want to ask something. What should I do if someone is rude without reason? I called this clinic called Adonis. I needed a consultation for a colleague. I thought it’ll be better to get an appointment first. I have been through all. I know my way around. So she asked me. They were so very rude. I had to calm them down to talk to them. Then I had to explain why she was a good candidate for ICSI. It was like I am the doctor. Of course I was not talking to a doctor. But They should at least have some basic decency. Ahh, I’m angry.


    Hey, I hope you are well. I would suggest that you don’t give up. Previously even I was discouraged by my doctors who told me nothing would work out. However, I didn’t let that make me stop. I kept searching until I was able to find myself a good place for my treatment. The clinic I am visiting now has given me soo much of hope. I am looking forward to starting the process with them. From now onwards research properly before taking any step.


    Such clinics should be banned as they are only wasting the time of many people. I have also an experience with such a clinic. I contacted a clinic via email. I was trying to get the info about surrogacy. I live in Bulgaria. Here surrogacy is prohibited. So I can’t go to some other country to just go and collect some info about a clinic procedure. But the clinic didn’t replied. Now I will look for some other clinic for surrogacy. Contact some good clinics.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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