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    Hi all. Hope you’re good with fit health. I’m 24 years old. Last year, i’m married with my cousin. After the few days ago, doctors tells me that i’m infertile. When,i hear this, i’m so sad at this time. Then, i decided to get a treatment from best clinic. Then, my friends told me that there is a Lotus clinic. This is near to my university. I visit next day to this clinic. This clinic is build in old place. Their staff are so dirty. They don’t know how to talk with the patients. Doctors are also very poor in qualification. They can not know that what medicines is gives to which person. Their apartments are so dirty.


    hey Alina, how are you doing? I feel sorry for you. You suffered a lot. I don’t know why some clinic are doing this to others. I think they are not professionals. I also had a bad experience with A***s clinic. I am an infertile. I am facing it from 5 years. A friend of mine suggested A***s clinic to us. She read about this clinic on a forum. We are from Japan. When we contacted them via email to get info they replied rudely. They refused to provide any info. They demanded money for giving info. we are shocked. I think they are looting people. Beware of such clinics.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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