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    Daffy Rose

    Hello all.I am 27 years old and my husband 39.We are married 3.5 years and have been trying for a kid for three years. In the last one year, we started with the gynecologist the known medication, spermgrams (which are about good) and we ended up with two failed inseminations. Reading many articles from here, I concluded that because I can not do extracorporeal, as I discussed it with my doctor because of my young age, the only solution is to continue the inseminations. The last time I visited him I told him to do a laparoscopy to confirm that there is no issue with me (I never had a history of abortion or surgery). I think I have to do it to be sure as long as there is no other matter that I am not getting pregnant.I just wanted to write to share it, what I’m living with people who may have passed the same thing with me.I’m going through phases that I’m very sad about and these are 1-2 days for three years before my time comes and I’m feeling it. Even after I come and slowly fill myself with hopes for the next cycle, I think maybe it’s these hopes are futile, because in 20-25 days I will come back and I do not want a miserable marriage! 36 cycles have passed since then, I thought that conceiving is something completely normal to come along, stress-free and blah blah. It’s 36 months I despair and I hope and despair and hope

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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