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    Tell me, does anyone have experience of participating in the surrogate motherhood program in Ukraine?
    My state of health does not allow me to bear the child myself. Two pregnancies ended in miscarriages. My husband and I doubted for a long time, but decided to resort to the help of a surrogate mother. Now we are looking for a clinic or an agency. Friends used the services of a clinic in Kiev. They say that everything was pleasant.
    Does someone know something about this issue?
    Thank you in advance



    For me, this topic is very relevant. I have a dilemma about it now. At the moment we are considering the clinic of Dr. Feskov in Ukraine and even had an online consultation with a doctor. We thought he was a very competent and responsible specialist and we are really interested. In October we are planning a trip to sign a contract! Maybe you used the services of this clinic? Or would you recommend other options? What are the details in the use of surrogacy services at all? What do we need to know?



    Hi Marta! How are you and who is your surrogacy journey? In fact I have some experience of the use of assisted reproductive technologies. I am also infertile and I can’t conceive naturally. It is because I have damaged chromosomal structure of my own eggs. And in my case unfortunately my own eggs cannot be used for the conception. Due to this pathology I cannot reproduce healthy children (( Thus I made up my mind to use help of the IVF program. In addition I used donor eggs for the in vitro fertilization. I conducted all these in Ukrainian clinic. I chose it because of good price and great recommendations and replies. It’s much cheaper than in America!



    The World Center of Baby (WCOB) is a full-service surrogacy agency dedicated to creating new life while ensuring the interests and safety of the intended parents and surrogates in the field of reproductive technology.
    Our specialized services make it safer, easier and more enjoyable for couples, surrogates and egg donors partaking in this life-changing journey.
    Our employees are inspired professionals with substantial experience and knowledge in the field of reproductive medicine, fertility and all legal aspects of taking your new baby home. Today we are happy to provide full guidance and support at every step of the way in life’s most wonderful journey.
    All aspects of the surrogacy progress are handled by our team, from matching, to screening, to legal work and social support. If you are looking for a safe, experienced and responsible agency, World Center of Baby has been recognized as one of the leading surrogate agencies in Ukraine.

    Stop postponing your life and start preparing for a new journey!



    Dear Marta,
    we had a program with IVMed Family in Kyiv, Ukraine. Great agency, professional staff. they helped us a lot and during the whole process we are grateful for all the support we received from them. they found us a surrogate very quickly and the transfer was positive on the first attempt. helped us a lot with choosing our donor too. if you are still looking for an agency, def check them out!



    I agree with Lily, I have turned to ivmed family too and they are a very nice agency and clinic. Love communicating with our MC, we get immediate response and a lot of help with preparation for the program. we are going to ship sperm as soon as it will be possible to start the program right away. wish you the best of luck



    you did? That’s great. so you are doing the DE program? have you chosen the donor already, are there any updates on when the stimulation will be possible at the clinic?

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