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    Donna Summer

    I started this issue because I want to address people who have infertility problems and would like to share our anxieties with a little girl I waited when I grew up to have kids. That’s what I wanted. I have married three years ago, at my 22. When I got married I felt the happiest person in the world. From my dream, I would only be separated for a few months … We immediately started the efforts for a child.And the months became years. And joy became indignation, pain.After 6 months of free contact, I started going to doctors. But I knew it within myself, I was sure: There was a problem.By the time of one year without any result. Unexplained infertility was the finding. Unexplained. My husband’s examinations are normal. So did my own. I was constantly changing doctors. One year they became two. And the pain was growing. He fell asleep. I stopped by my job, locked in the house. In the morning, noon, night, in my mind this alone. It turned out that the problem is mine. I continue to have depression, not to work, but I can say that I feel better that my infertility is no longer “unexplained”. I know what I have to fight. I just wanted to find HOW.As for WHY is another story. I will never sit down to say “why to me?”Now I know the only solution is extracorporeal. But I have cancer inheritance in the family and that makes things dangerous. I’ve lost myself. I have stopped living and I just survive.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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