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    Hi love! Hope you are doing good now. I really felt sad hearing your story. I can feel your pain. You have to be brave. TTC is really a tough time. Before you give up, think about why you held on so long. Just because the past didn’t turn like you wanted to, doesn’t mean that your future can’t be better than you ever imagined. All you have to do is wait for the right time. Every day comes with new choices. You still have a chance to become a mother. You should go for surrogacy. I had heard many success stories of surrogacy in different forums. It had lit the lives of many infertile couples. Just be strong and go for this procedure. All the very best.



    Lina. I know surrogacy ist easy it takes a toll on you emotionally. Moreover, it’s draining..!! I can relate to you. And 10 years is a big number, I am struggling for 9 years. Sadly, my fertile window is closed. Therefore, I have to go for a surrogate. Thus, waiting for my turn, and the consultation meeting went a breeze. Glad that I came to the best place. Moreover, I would advise you to book a consultation meeting before, as you will know about the credibility of the clinic, and you may know how much staff and doctors are trained. The tour will help to take your decision. IVF and IUI don’t work for everyone. The success rates vary from person to person. So, don’t stress that it failed, you may find something bigger and better in the future.



    Hy beautiful lady! I can understand your feeling. I am proud of you that you start working for yourself. Yeah, it is difficult to come out from this situation. But nothing is impossible. Science helped us a lot in this regard. Recently I also had a case where IUI work out. This is all due to the efforts of a good clinic. They give their best to that couple. IUI was a little bit painful. But if no pain then there will be no gain. Doctors cooperate with that couple. They treat that couple with full care. By their attention Their IUI become successful. Now she is in 6 weeks of her pregnancy. Soon they will have their own baby. Dear, you please take care of yourself. It will also best for you. Be strong and stay positive.


    Farah Smith

    “Hey Lika, how are you? I hope you are doing good. Really sorry to know about your journey. I am happy that now you are on the right path. Forget about past now things will turn in your favor. Surrogacy will surely help you and will bring colors to your life. Surrogacy is an amazing treatment. It is like the last hope for infertile couples. This treatment is risk-free and success rates are also very high.
    So many individuals are getting the blessing of the child through it. My prayers are with you. You are going to be an amazing mother.
    God bless you. Take care.”



    I felt really bad about you. You have gone through a very rough time. The best thing is that you never lose hope. You take many risks in your life. Like IVF and IUI but it failed. Now you have chosen a very good option. Surrogacy is a blessing for people like you. It will help you to achieve your dreams. Its one of the wonderful achievement by science. I wonder why many countries are still against it. They won’t allow performing this treatment in their country. I wish this issue will be resolved soon. These infertile people are suffering a lot. Wish you good luck with that. Baby dust to you



    So sorry Lika to hear all about this. This infertility is really increasing like a cursed day by day. I am really glad that you chose to go for surrogacy. I wish that this time things become great for you. You just have to be positive. This treatment will definitely show it’s results. You just have to remain calm that’s all. All the best for the future.



    I am so sorry about your struggle. 10 Years are too much. I have been struggling for 9 years and it has been pretty draining. I would recommend you to see a fertility doctor. I mean a good one. That has the most fantastic reviews or facility with the highest success rate. It is likely that IVF and IUI fail due to age factor or other uterine abnormalities. Moreover, the age you are in hinders the fertility. As the ovarian reserve tends to decrease. Since you are considering surrogacy then you may have to go for egg donations if your eggs didn’t work. But both ways, you will be able to achieve parenthood. Just make sure that your Gesataional surrogate is screened. The facility I have signed up with is more concerned with the health of surrogate as it directly impacts your baby. So, all the best to you.



    Hi. I would only like to tell you that girl, you are one hell of a strong woman. I mean you have gotten up after so many failures and still have the courage to face more challenges. I wish you luck with your surrogacy. Hope you succeed this time. Cheers.

Viewing 8 posts - 61 through 68 (of 68 total)

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