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    Katy Storm

    I have been engaged for two and a half years with my man. We are trying over a year to be exact about having a baby. In the beginning, of course, I have to admit that I did not want it or at least did not thrilled me as an idea. I had not yet awakened the maternal instinct, although I’m not young. I am becoming 32 in June. But for six months now I really want to have a tiny sweet baby. I have done all the required exams as much as my fiancée, and at least for him, there is no problem. I have some minor problems, which are not prohibitive for a possible pregnancy. The doctors have assured me that I can normally conceive and try, but not all of the times. We now live in another city with my fiancée and we are each in our work for a lot of hours. Therefore, we can not have the contact on the days we suppose to.It has made me very sad that I have not become pregnant even after starting a year and a half as much as we are trying and I can’t help it not to think about it, however, I want to be optimistic … y What can I say? I just wanted to say it somewhere and get out of me! Thank you for reading…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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