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It is a really informative piece of writing. Egg donation is an important element in the assisted conception. The natural conception requires the fertilization of healthy eggs from the women and equally healthy sperms from the male. In many females the eggs are either not very good or they are not sufficient in number to complete the fertilization. This deficiency is overcome by the assistance of another woman with the healthy eggs. This woman is refered as the egg donor. This complete process is called the egg donation. The egg donation is usually effective in case of the IVF. The donated eggs are fertilized with the sperms in a laboratory. Once the zygote starts building up it is transfered in the mother’s womb. Through this piece of writing it has become really easy to get an insight. It is like a synopsis of the whole procedure for those who are trying to go for IVF with the donated eggs. It is a procedure that involves the humanistic aspect. The egg donor gifts the best part of her reproductive system for the happiness of those who are left with nothing. Egg donation is the aid for happiness.