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It is great to hear that you want to take away the misery of your sister’s life. You will have your share of happiness very soon. Being a surrogate is not my personal experience, but I have felt the selfless desires when I had my surrogate baby. I always salute their love and affection for someone they don’t even know. In your case, it is a personal relationship but mostly they are strangers carrying strangers. A surrogate forgets about the problems of pregnancy and the pains of labor and delivery. She only remembers the happiness of the others. Surrogacy has gifted several couples with the happiness they had forgotten. A surrogate is like a treasure chest that has a whole bulk of happiness for someone who even misses smiling. It is a difficult thing to hold someone close to heart and then gives it to the parents. Surrogate mothers go through a situation similar to the normal pregnancy. This period of nine months knots her in a strong bond. It is difficult to separate but she knows she has done it for someone’s peace of heart. May you succeed in your efforts. I hope that once you start off with your loving journey you will keep posting.