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Best of luck to you I hope everything goes smoothly and you surrogate gets pregnant. I too am finding myself in a similar situation. I was diagnosed with poor ovarian reserves with my AMH levels being low and FSH levels being high. However, this was not it, my periods had also been irregular. So altogether I had been facing a lot. I had also tried a Clomid cycle of 500mg which was ever so long. Nothing was really working out. When the doctors had finally told me that I was infertile. I then started my research on assisted conceptions along with my DH. It was at this point when we came to this clinic which had really good reviews. We finally visited them and explained to them our whole situation. On looking at my whole situation they told me that I would have to opt for surrogacy as well. the process seemed different to me however, I am ready to go for it. I think there is nothing that should stop me or my DH. Now that I have researched on it so well I think that a good clinic does really have a major impact.