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Although a definite link between pregnancy and endometriosis has yet to be formally announced. There are studies that shows that endometriosis increases the risk of a pregnant woman and her child to these conditions. One of the biggest challenges for doctors. There’s no way to test for endometriosis in its earliest stages. It shows up on scans only when it’s advanced. Which makes preserving fertility even trickier. Yes, getting pregnant can reduce some endo symptoms. With a bun in the oven, a woman’s progesterone levels are higher. And because endometriosis is fueled by estrogen. The surplus of progesterone can suppress the disease. That’s how this whole “just get pregnant” thing probably got started. But it’s not a cure. Nine months later, symptoms will return in most women. That’s why many women use hormonal treatment. Whether it’s a birth control pill or the vaginal ring, to “turn off” the menstrual cycle to keep lingering symptoms under control. Experts recommend hormonal medications until a woman is done having kids.