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Hi everyone! As I am lurking on this site because my friend is trying to have baby number 2 at age 42. I thought it would be appropriate to give you her story. She married her husband late and they begun trying as soon as they were married. She had one chemical pregnancy, and one miscarriage at ages 39 and 40 respectively. Then at 40 she became pregnant and delivered her daughter at age 41. She was tracking her ovulation and her periods using the cervical fluid method. She was also on a low-carb diet. She knew she was pregnant the moment she conceived. She had what she can only describe as fuzzy static in her uterus. She had to wait 3 weeks for her bfp. She even went to her Midwife and had a blood test which showed negative. She was so discouraged and confused because she knew she was pregnant. One week later after a negative blood test and at cycle day 34 she finally got her bfp. Her daughter is now 10 months old.