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If you do not already have a surrogate in mind. Such as a friend or family member. You can contact an agency or fertility clinic who will help you find one. There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing a carrier for your surrogate baby including: The surrogate’s medical history. The surrogate’s lifestyle choices including their history of drinking and substance abuse. The cost of the surrogacy process. The legal issues.What kind of relationship you wish to have with the surrogate after the child is born. When you are looking for a surrogate with whom you can entrust the first nine months of your baby’s life. You will want to find someone who will treat the pregnancy as if it were her own. If you do choose to find your surrogate through an agency. Ask them about their screening process for surrogates. What they are like and why they do this to determine if the agency is able to provide you with the right surrogate for you.