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HEY, sorry to hear your saddened situation. But I tell you not to worry if you cant conceive naturally. You may have other ways to enjoy parenthood. I have recently read a lot about surrogacy on different forums and have read so much of the success stories of the couples who are unable to carry a child. Thy pursued surrogacy and live happily. I have decided surrogacy myself. However, you can pursue surrogacy on donor eggs or with your own eggs. The surrogate mother will carry the child for you. As others mentioned there are few countries which have declared surrogacy legal. I have decided to go eastern Europe for my surrogacy process. I have heard great reviews and visit once. Choosing a clinic is the main process of the surrogacy because of the cost, doctors, and accommodation. The one I chose is offering great packages with accommodation and is equipped with advanced ART. They also have an extensive database of surrogates who are healthy enough to carry a child. Your true match according to your preferences will further be tested for fertility. This is what I have discovered so far and will be going to meet my surrogate very soon. I advise you search the clinic which has the highest success rate with economical prices. Good Luck!!