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Dear Olivia, it is great to know that you are making up your mind for surrogacy. It is an excellent option for the IPs. It has resolved the concerns of those who have lost the hope of becoming the parents. You appear to be someone realistic. You know that and accept the fact that at this age you cannot think of getting pregnant naturally. With growing age, the chances of getting pregnant become really weak. Don’t underestimate technology and science. It has a solution for you too. This solution is both IVF and surrogacy. You can choose any of the two options according to your bodily conditions. The best advice comes from the doctors in the fertility clinics. There is a list of clinics that are offering these facilities. They give the facility of testing your condition and then giving the proper suggestion. The major concern before deciding should be the legal status of the procedure. I hope that you get the best option right ahead of you.