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Hey, really sorry Hun, feel your grief. The accident must have shaken you. Indeed, the grief of losing a child other than not be able to conceive naturally is terrible. But, there are assisted reproductive techniques allows you to have your own genetic child without having to carry it. The surrogacy in Eastern Europe has lot f great reviews and the laws there are surrogacy-friendly.the surrogate others are chosen by you but the clinic has their owned surrogate database.The surrogates are tested and screened for several fertility tests in order to ensure that the surrogate is healthy enough to carry a child for some else. The egg retrieval will be done via IVF. Moreover, they allow you to meet with the surrogate and ensure your perfect match depending on your preferences for color, ethnicity, and age. . I am flying next week to meet with my surrogate. Too excited and anxious at the same time. I advise you to research surrogacy and visit before deciding for one. Baby Dust