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Endometriosis is a mystery. An enigma! We do not know the origin of the disease. We do not know why it causes such extreme symptoms in some women. And not in others. The treatment options vary. let’s be honest. A bit “hit and miss”. And, unfortunately, because endometriosis is associated with menstruation, sex, infertility, and pain (all taboo subjects in most societies). It is a disease that is not well known, understood, or accepted in the general public. What many women with endometriosis may end up having to accept is that we may need to learn how to live with and manage chronic pain. Deal with infertility. And how to increase coping skills and regain control of our lives if we have not been fortunate enough to find a treatment. Which adequately takes care of our symptoms. There is no single prescription or blue print for coping . People use a number of different ways to cope. Different methods work for different individuals. And some may wish to consult with different health care providers.