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When you are in your 40s and trying to get pregnant. You are often told that the chances are pretty slim. Those who already have children have to put up with comments from people asking them why they are still trying for another child at their age. But only people in their shoes can know the longing that they may have for another child. For those who have not had children before. You may enter the world of trying to conceive with some naivety—perhaps expecting to get pregnant right away. In any case, I will try to put forth here what I have learnt about the particular struggles of trying to get pregnant at 44. Firstly, I want to start with the positives. It is very possible to get pregnant at 44. I also know of a number of ladies who have got pregnant at 44 and of course a number of ladies that have been trying for quite a while and are still not pregnant. What I would say is, it is possible. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself for it to work straight away. By all means do all that you can to maximize your chances from the beginning. But try not to obsess every month over whether it has worked or not.