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Medical science has done miracles for those who are deprived of the happiness at all levels. No matter what causes of the infertility you are facing, there are multiple options to resolve this problem. One answer to this question is the surrogacy. Despite several critical reviews and criticism, surrogacy is a great option. It has gifted number of infrtile couples with the beautiful blessing of parenthood. It is not merely the process but it is actually the gift of medical science for those who have lost all the hope to become the parents. The process has even made it possible for the gay couples to have a baby of their own. It is an effective way of building a genetic relation with the baby that is not coming in the world in a genetic manner. It bonds the people into a strong bons that lasts even after the process is over. From among the other fertility procedures it is the most beneficial and the most effective way that does not need much of the money. The success rate is even higher than the other procedures. From all of these benefits the most outstanding and the worth praising benefit is that it giives the hopeless the hope to survive and move ahead. The medical science has really done miracles for the IPs. Surrogacy is the miracle maker.