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Surrogate pregnancy is an option for couples experiencing infertility. Especially if the woman cannot physically carry a pregnancy to term. Because of the complexity of the process. Couples often use a surrogate agency to find a surrogate and guide the process. According to the American Fertility Association. The three common approaches to surrogacy are using a small agency. Using a big agency or the “independent” approach. Instead of using an agency, would-be parents can also hire an attorney who’s experienced in gestational surrogacy. But the total cost isn’t much different from that of an agency. It could take more time if the attorney needs to locate a carrier by putting ads in local newspapers and penny-savers. But some attorneys already have a list of potential carriers, as do agencies. But still what you are saying still makes sense. Surrogates do deserve the amount of money they are given. The gift they bring forth is for a lifetime.