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While some doctors believe in laparoscopic surgeries prior to IVF treatments to increase the chances of a successful procedures. Others do not share those beliefs. Studies exist which support both ideas . Endometriosis does (and does not) affect IVF outcomes. Just as our disease is a great big gray area. So is IVF and Endometriosis. Other studies have shown that the removal of endometriomas from the ovaries may reduce ovarian reserve and hinder the efforts of egg retrieval for IVF. If you would like to consider surgery prior to IVF treatments. Please have a few long discussions with your doctor about the potential influence with IVF procedures. Although it sounds simple enough, IVF is anything but. It is not only costly financially, but emotionally. There could be constant tests (both in facility and at home). The depression of procedures not working. It takes a resilient heart. And plenty of women and couples endure. And many have successful births, yet many do not.