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Hello everyone. This topic has to help. There’s nothing to worry for.
I myself have gone through surrogacy. I’m excited. In my opinion this thing is largely the last chance for people like me.
Some can face with misunderstanding in families. It happens because maybe your parents have ancient conveniences. They are outcome of previous age.
These words mustn’t seem rude. I love parents. However, sometimes they are too far from support.
I’ll explain. Our parents who had three or even five children can’t understand your misfortune. Things look so easy for them.
At the same time they are able to complicate really slight business. They say go for adoption! It’s like it’s simply going for shopping. I don’t accept it.
They express their bizarre surprise toward our decision to go deeper into surrogacy. My mom can’t still use mobile phone. What is that talk about?
I was really agreed to use a donor’s egg. But it was unbearable for me to adopt a child. It’s certainly noble.
Sure, it’ll help this lovely little baby to find a family. Okay, but I’m afraid. I craved to participate in his birth.
Even if I’m not able to carry and ovulate I’ll know he is arriving tonight. I’ll be nervously biting my nails. I’ll be looking forward to seeing him soon.
It could be my simple contribution. And that’s essential for me. You said we can have surrogacy with our eggs.
This doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes clinics can’t give more than 3-4 attempts. It makes sense.
In case the doctor sees you can’t produce eggs well enough for embryos he says to stop. It might save your mutual time. You body isn’t a rubber.
Today the doors of all clinics are open. They are waiting for their clients and patients. The medicine improved its skills thoroughly. I finished my journey. I had to apply for surrogacy after surgery. The doctors removed my womb.
It was tiring and challenging adventure. I don’t want to call it adventure. It was special experience. Many things are now observed from another perspective. It’s like I became wiser. And I like that feeling. As majority of people today I had used Ukrainian direction. There were some doubts. My clinic had to undertake so much to change my view.
I got acquainted with several amazing people. They are from different countries even continents. They are my pen pals now. They were just couples who came to Ukraine for fertility treatment as well. It was interesting and helpful to meet them. Today I know each of them got happy after journey.